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Getting Started using the REST API

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The REST API is the main way of obtaining the Pokemon TCG informations you search.


You can use the REST API multiple ways.

  1. Using one of the SDKs
  2. Querying directly one the API

Everything is detailled in the documentation to allow you to do both.


The REST API return predictable Objects defined under each requests.

It is only available in HTTPS (HTTP requests are redirected to HTTPS)

Every request MUST be GET requests.

the API returns JSON responses in the body

We use standard HTTP response codes and every response possibles are indicated on each pages



The V2 of the API is the current one and was first enabled on January 2021.

It currently Achieve more than 2 Millions requests per months.


The V1 of the API was active from february 2020 to August 2021.

It achived at it’s peak (february 2021) Around 200k requests per month.

The V1 was deprecated in february 2021 and was completelly removed after 6 month in deprecation with :

  • every SDKs working with the v2
  • receiving less than 1k requests per months during the two previous months on it.