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The Card object

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The main object used through the API

Common Fields

Fields that are used by each cards

idStringThe unique ID of the card
localIdString or NumberCard Local ID
nameStringCard Name
imageString (Asset)YesCard Image (see Assets)
categoryStringCard category (Pokemon, Energy, Trainer)
illustratorStringYesCard illustrator
rarityStringYesCard rarity
variantsObjectThe possible variants of this card (see below)
variants.normalBooleanCard available without any shines
variants.reverseBooleanCard available in Reverse (colored background is shining)
variants.holoBooleanCard available in Holo (picture is shining)
variants.firstEditionBooleanCard has a small 1st edition in the middle left
setSetBriefBasic informations about the card set

Pokemon Card

Include everything from Common Fields

category”Pokemon”Card category (Pokemon, Energy, Trainer)
dexIdArray of NumberYesThe National Pokedex ID of the pokémons on the card
hpNumberYesThe Pokémon HP
typesArray of StringYesThe types of the Pokémon
evolveFromStringYesThe Pokémon name it evolve from
descriptionStringYesthe card description (generally in the bottom right)
levelStringYesThe Pokémon Level (if it’s a lv.X the level is X)
stageStringYesThe Pokémon Stage
suffixStringYesThe Card suffix
itemObjectYesThe Pokémon Item
item.nameStringThe Item name
item.effectStringThe Item effect

Trainer Card

category”Trainer”Card category (Pokemon, Energy, Trainer)
effectStringThe trainer card effect
trainerTypeStringThe type of trainer card (‘Supporter’, ‘Item’, ‘Stadium’, ‘Tool’, ‘Ace Spec’, ‘Technical Machine’, ‘Goldenrod Game Corner’, ‘Rocket’s Secret Machine’)

Energy Card

category”Energy”Card category (Pokemon, Energy, Trainer)
effectStringThe trainer card effect
energyTypeStringThe type of trainer card (Basic, Special)


"category": "Pokemon",
"id": "swsh3-136",
"illustrator": "tetsuya koizumi",
"image": "https://assets.tcgdex.net/en/swsh/swsh3/136",
"localId": "136",
"name": "Furret",
"rarity": "Uncommon",
"set": {
"cardCount": {
"official": 189,
"total": 201
"id": "swsh3",
"logo": "https://assets.tcgdex.net/en/swsh/swsh3/logo",
"name": "Darkness Ablaze",
"symbol": "https://assets.tcgdex.net/univ/swsh/swsh3/symbol"
"variants": {
"firstEdition": false,
"holo": false,
"normal": true,
"reverse": true,
"wPromo": false
"hp": 110,
"types": [
"evolveFrom": "Sentret",
"description": "It makes a nest to suit its long and skinny body. The nest is impossible for other Pokémon to enter.",
"stage": "Stage1",
"attacks": [
"cost": [
"name": "Feelin' Fine",
"effect": "Draw 3 cards."
"cost": [
"name": "Tail Smash",
"effect": "Flip a coin. If tails, this attack does nothing.",
"damage": 90
"weaknesses": [
"type": "Fighting",
"value": "×2"
"retreat": 1,
"regulationMark": "D",
"legal": {
"standard": false,
"expanded": true