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Furret card mixed with it's JSON representation Furret card mixed with it's JSON representation

The Multilingual Pokemon TCG API

Every bit of informations from your Cards freely available and open source !

What’s available

10 languages and counting

The whole API is available in more than 10 languages !

Internationnal Languages :

  • English, French, Spanish
  • Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), German

Asian Languages :

  • Japanese, Chinese (Traditionnal), Indonesian, Thai

Coming Soon :

  • Portuguese (Portugal), Dutch, Polish, Russian
  • Korean, Chinese (Simplified)

note: Each languages have different completion levels, check the project status here

a GraphQL API

The GraphQL API allows you to make your own requests

  • Card and Cards to fetch card(s)
  • Set and Sets to fetch set(s)
  • Serie and Series to fetch serie(s)

The queries support filtering and pagination

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